Maybe your checked out my about me page.  Maybe you've read my newsletter.  Maybe a friend told you to check me out.  No matter why you are here, you're still wondering if we should work together, if its right for you.

I am a tough love, no excuses kinda coach, mixed with overwhelming compassion, stretch, heart-bursting love, sensuality (as in we work all the senses), empathy, and break it down til its so easy with a double shot of accountabiity kinda gal.  I've got tons of tools to get you where and what you want, a great set of ears that love to listen deep and full, and plenty of out of the box thinking.

If you have a problem with overwhelm or stress, a challenge, something thats not quite right that hasn't changed despite all your trying (ie too much weight, depression or too little: money, connection, pleasure, love, self care, making yourself a priority)


You’re ready to invest in yourself and take it on, then you are in the right place, and we might be good together.  

But know this: this stuff only works if you do it–full on, for real, because you mean it, because it matters to you, and because you are ready to do the work.  Not because someone said you should, or you think you should.  Things won't change if they are only a should, or if its someone else doing the wanting.

Here’s a quick check: On a scale of one to ten (ten is the best) how would you rate your self care?  Your relationships?  Your nutrition?  Your daily joy?  Your sense of satisfaction-in life, in everything?

Now, same scale of one to ten: How much do you want that to change?  

If you’re below a seven on the change scale for at least one of the categories above, you probably don’t want to work with me.  It’s about what you want, and if you don’t want to change, you won't, no matter how hard you try or what work we do together.  This is not about me talking you into it.

If you do this work, you will change. You will grow.  You will discover fabulous and uncomfortable things, and you will go places you probably didn’t even dream of–that will likely make you happier than you expected.  You may leave relationships that no longer serve you.  You may have to throw out everything in your pantry.  You may have to start speaking to yourself with compassion and love.

Sit with that for a minute.  You will change.  Things will be different, possibly very different.  Your comfortable routines and usual excuses will be disrupted.  You will move them to make space for other things in your life.  

As well, I will hold the space for you to feel like you are enough in this moment (as I know you are) and that you are loved (and you deserve to be) all along the way.

Are you ready for that?

If you are, let’s get started