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You are so lovely.

Click the picture to listen to the meditation.

Click the picture to listen to the meditation.

Though you probably aren't feeling it. There's a shit-ton to do, kids screaming, a work teleconference on mute, and you want to just lie down on the floor full of dog hair and curl up with a blanket, and maybe some vodka and mint chocolate chip ice cream, even though its only 10am (and even though that combo would be disgusting!).  

Your clothes, those black yoga pants and one of two shirts that still fit you are thrown on the floor, and you are wearing your super comfy robe that is almost stuck to your body since you've been wearing it for three days straight.  You look in the mirror and feel old and rumpled.  Worn out.  Sad.  Maybe a little scared, with a dash of hope that things will be better tomorrow.

Deep down you know you need balance.  You need support.  You need LOVE.  And maybe a housekeeper. But there is already so much to do.  It feels impossible, overwhelming, depressing, and shaming.

Take a deep breath.  Now another.  And see the sunlight streaming in from the window.  Start to notice the pretty colors in your peeling toe nail polish.  It starts here.

Baby steps forward.  Asking, and receiving.  Allowing.  Starting to see the good around you.  Starting to delve into the corners of your soul that bask in the light and can't wait to explode out into the world.  

Soon you'll be able to breathe again.  And joy again.  And love again.  Love all the things.  LOVE the fear, the pain, the crazy, the awesome, the seeds that will grow and become you anew.  

I am here to guide you to the other side, to support you with a daily practice of self love, deep soul work, gratitude, and my own crazy.  

And then, with a wave of my fairy wand, and lots of deep work on your end, you'll arrive there.

There, you have work that supports your family and nourishes your soul.  There, you have patience and love to smother your kids with, and they respond in kind.  There, you have a housekeeper that vacuums the dog hair out of the rug and does your laundry.  There, the comfy blanket is waiting on your bed to surround you in warmth at the end of a beautiful day (or perhaps for an afternoon nap).  You are lighter, brighter, well fed, supported, feeling loved, practicing balance, dressed and adorned beautifully, embracing all the feelings, noticing all the grace surrounding you.  

What if getting there was easy?  

Lets begin the path to get you to the other side.

Schedule a 15 minute get to know me session to find out more, or if you are ready to get started, join me.