I'm back!  Made it from Pa to Cali and back, both kids in tow, in one piece.  And what a wonderful and challenging and delicious time was had by all.  We made new friends, saw amazing things, tested our limits, and strengthened our family ties.  In case you weren't able to catch all the fun during the ride, here's a link to our FB page  to catch you up.

Since we've been back, I've spent a lot of time decompressing thanks to the challenge my inner introvert/HSP side faced during our adventure, and I actually allowed that to happen organically and compassionately instead of rushing into something new as per the norm.  Lots of sleeping in, letting the boys hang with their father while I read a book or went for a walk by myself, and staying in when I felt like I needed to.  

Do you give yourself permission to take downtime?  If so, what do you do to relax and rejuvenate? Share on our FB page, or here in the comments so everyone can benefit!

I learned so many things in these past few months: how to stay sane when surrounded by my boys 24/7 with no breaks, how to make meatloaf, stay on a budget, live with less, and I'm going to share that all with you in the next few months.  It is my honor and pleasure to have you as part of my tribe, and as such, I would love to hear feedback as to what you would like to learn or see featured next on the ezine!  Feel free to email me at kelly@flyingdragonwellness.com and let me know!

ps, If you're local to Doylestown, I'm hosting a Visioning Workshop on Oct 20th.  Check out our FB page for all the details.

pps, Im launching a new program in January 2014 called Neuronutrient Therapy for the Modern Woman, which takes you from craving to calm (and frees you from depression and anxiety) in less than 48 hours.  If you are interested in being part of the pilot program starting this November, at a significantly reduced rate, respond to this email and say Yes! for all the details, or sign up via my website (please note, rate listed on the website is the pilot program rate; program price doubles January 2014).