Cleansing and Renewal in the New Year

For the wonderful adventurous souls that joined us, this is day 4 of the 28 Day Delicious Detox, and Im starting to feel much more Sparkly after the last few days. Im finally out of the tough crappy feeling phase that happens for my first few days when I cleanse.  Its wonderful though, since I know that is my body's way of releasing all the toxins I let build up since the holidays (yes, starting at Halloween for me and my sweet tooth!).  I cant wait til Saturday to find out how my other cleansers are doing and their biggest ahas during this process!

Why do I think its important to cleanse, you ask?  Docs always say that our bodies have a natural ability to cleanse without us needing to do anything...and while they are right to a certain extent, we definitely overwhelm our bodies with a toxic load -pollution, processed and fried foods, factory farmed meats, PCBs and Mercury in fish, genetically modified organisms in or pesticides sprayed on our foods (or even in our backyards getting into our local water), chlorine and floride in our water supply, the list goes on and on.  Our bodies only have a limited supply of resources to remove all those toxins from our body, and can easily become overloaded.  

Thats where cleansing, or detoxification comes in.  Anything that supports the body to increase elimination is considering cleansing.  When you do a detox, you increase the efficiency of your digestive system and stimulate the liver and kidneys, which are responsible for cleansing and elimination.  That could be as simple as eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, eating less meat and dairy products, and drinking more water.

How your body handles toxins?

Normally your body can easily handle toxins.  The liver takes toxins that our body makes or that come into the body and converts them to a non-toxic form that the body can easily dispose of.

Let's take for example of a toxin made in the body. When we use proteins in our body, ammonia is formed as a byproduct.  The liver takes this ammonia and convert it in urea for the kidneys to pick up and remove it from the body in the urine.

The kidneys filter out waste products from your blood into your urine. Your intestines propel potential toxins and indigestible material from food into the bowel for excretion,  The lungs expel gases such as carbon dioxide (which is produced in the cells) and filter out poisonous gases you breathe in.  The skin eliminates toxins via sweat and sebum (skin oil) and by shedding dead skin cells.  The lymphatic system carries waste products that are too large to the enter the bloodstream to the lymph nodes for processing.  They are then returned to the liver via the bloodstream for detoxification. 

Ultimately, and this is the case for many of us, if you are taking in more toxins than your body can eliminate, your body will reach a state of toxicity- which can contribute to a sluggish liver, blocked skin pores, congestion in the lungs, which then even further blocks toxins from being eliminated. 

Signs of toxic overload include dry, blotchy skin, headaches, fungal infections, lack of energy, joint pain, allergies, bloating, constipation, weight gain (or inability to lose weight).  Many of these symptoms can be linked to food intolerances to foods such as sugar, wheat gluten, dairy, citrus fruits, soy, caffeine, and peanuts.  If you have food cravings or headaches after not eating any of these foods, that could mean you are intolerant to it.

So how can you get started on the right detox for you without starving or shocking your system-even if you’ve never done one before? 

  1. Set an intention for your detox.  Get really clear about what you want to get out of it. 
  2. Plan ahead.  Know what you are going to eat and when.  If you set yourself up for success with complete meal plans, shopping lists, a stocked frig of healthy foods, and a pantry clear of temptation, you wont be tempted to ransack your frig in a temporarily insane snack attack moment. 
  3. Come off the cleanse with grace and gentleness.  Add in foods that were on your DON’T EAT list during the cleanse one at a time, and see how your body reacts.  If it’s a negative reaction, be gentle and decide if its worth it to you to keep that food in your diet.

For those of you that don't even know where to start, or don't have a plan to follow, guess what?  I can help.

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