THE JOY RIDE is a series that will be running from July 10-Aug 11, 2013.  I'm headed out on the road trip of a lifetime with my two sons, the goal of which is to push all my buttons at once (embracing uncertainty), while spreading joy and creating connection with them and my global community.  Follow the adventure here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

DAY 1, 1:03AM EST

So, somehow, I'm still up and its after 1am on the day we're headed out.  I'm not packing, I'm distracting.  Been on the computer for a few hours trying to get my fill since I will not have a computer with me during the trip.  Going to be updating everything with my iphone and a tricky tablet (fingers crossed), so I need everything to be set up perfectly before I go so its easy to post.  I'm currently updating the facebook page, responding to requests, and basically freaking out at how much stuff needs to be put into the car between now and 10am this morning.  Still on Portland time, I guess.  About to shut the computer down and try to get a few hours sleep before the kids wake up.  

Took a few pics of the sorting that has been done so far...and thats not even the half of it.

Headed to Rochester once the car is packed to visit a high school friend before heading to Niagara Falls and Toronto tomorrow.  Already, we have places to stay in Rochester and Toronto, as a friend I met just 4 days ago in Portland is hooking me up with her friend who is putting us up in Toronto.  Wild how when you ask for something, it comes to you.  Keep on going, universe.  Hook us up in Greenfield, Michigan on Sunday (maybe?)...