Happy March, Amazing-istas!  

I'm so excited that the weather is getting warmer, and I'm starting to feel better after two months of not feeling so great (which is why you haven't heard from me in a little while).

This weekend, for example, was warm and wonderful, filled with plenty of special moments of connection with my boys and my hubby.  After an unexpected snowfall on Friday, our balmy 42 degree Saturday morning led us outside where we trying to break off little pieces of ice from the dining table, to fling at one another, and sliding across the ice covered deck in our crocs.  Fast forward five minutes, and the boys were soaked and taking their wet shirts off OUTSIDE and then going to play on the swing set.  I kept thinking how they must be cold, but they assured me they weren't.  The smiles radiating on their faces from the knowledge that they were getting away with something forbidden (outside on a cold morning with no jacket and no shirt) was so delightful to see, as were their attempts to hide when I tried to capture the event with my camera.  Even my husband quieted down from his calls to get their shirts back on when he saw how much fun they were having.

It was something I would not have gotten to experience if my original plans for the weekend hadn't been canceled.  And if I had sulked like I sometimes do when special plans go awry.  If I wasn't open to experiencing something new after a big disappointment. 

You see, last weekend was the training for the Art of the Awakened Woman.  On the agenda were lots of grounding exercises, lots of movement, lots of self-love, and lots of letting go.  Where I hoped to learn the secret once and for all on how to quit my obsession with over-analyzing and over-thinking, where instead I would drop into my body, my soul, my heart-mind, and listen to it in a way that I only do intermittently now. 

In a sense, though, this weekend was all about that. 

All about love and connection. 

All about letting go-of fear, of the shoulds, of the now whats. 

All about getting in touch with my inner child and my children.  

All about self-love. 

I got to go to an aerial yoga class (and was finally able to do full pigeon without knee pain).  I got to chase my littlest around the park while he rode a bike without training wheels for the first time.  I got to play catch, and go down a huge tunnel slide in the dark with my son behind me.  I rolled on the grass, had races, and reveled in my time in the sun.  I took a long salt bath to soak away my aches from the day...and soon after, the whole family got in with me.   No overthinking, no over-analyzing, no mind-numbing facebook time.  In the words of one of my coaches, it was #selfcarelikewhoa .

How are you doing with self-care?  

With loving yourself and those closest to you up?  

With letting go of the head space and getting into your heart space?  

With dealing with disappointment or stress? 

I would love for you to share. 

And if you are struggling right now, and want to chat, feel free to email me atkelly@flyingdragonwellness.com or book some time with me here.   

You don't have to struggle anymore.  We can work together to make it easy.

No matter where you are, start with taking a nice deep breath.  And trust that everything in this moment is happening exactly as it should.

Much love!

Ps-Save the date!  I'll be leading a Look Good, Feel Good and Be More Confident workshop at the Health and Wellness Center in Warrington, Pa, on Tuesday, March 26th  at 7pm.  Registration information will be posted here in the new few days.

Pps-did you know that I now offer private yoga sessions via skype/google hangout?  Or come take a live class with me here.