@JessicaThinkies – The voice behind Kohler Created, a site with a huge library of vegetarian and vegan recipes.

@healthycosmos – A current student who tweets health tips and recipes from her blog, Healthy Cosmos, with an emphasis on green smoothies and plant based nutrition.

@101Cookbooks – Tweets from the archives of 101 Cookbooks, a site that produces recipes from natural food and seasonal produce. 

@theblendergirl – The girl behind The Blend Girl, who shares recipes for a diet with many intolerances, mainly vegan, all wheat free, gluten free, and refined sugar free.


@NamelyMarly – A woman who shares her love for names, but also great vegan recipes from her site, Namely Marly.

@ManifestVegan – Tweets from a cookbook author/recipe developer/food photographer whose site, Manifest Vegan, has many vegan and gluten-free recipes, with gorgeous photos to match.

@VeganRecipes – The name says it all! An excellent source for vegan recipes and menu ideas from an IIN grad and her site, Lucid Nutrition.

@veganpiggy – A woman on a mission to follow a vegan diet, who tweets her recipes from her blog,Vegan Piggy.

Raw Foods

@susanpowers – The raw foods chef, author and photographer behind Rawmazing, a website stocked with information and raw foods recipes.

@Fitnessista – A personal trainer and raw foods chef with a nice collection of both raw food and regular recipes on her site, Fitnessista.

@ChefTinaJo – The author of the Real Life Raw Book Series, Tina Jo is passionate about raw vegan food and often shares recipes and tips from her website.

Dietary Restrictions

@TheHealthyApple – An IIN grad who works as a marketing consultant, food writer, and recipe developer, Amie Valpone tweets recipes from her site, The Healthy Apple, which suit gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free restrictions.

@be_healthful – A holistic nutritionist whose site, Healthful Pursuit has recipes for every course, cooking method, and dietary restriction possible with a focus on allergen-free recipes.

@EmChanNorris – An IIN grad and Health Coach who follows a 90-95% raw, vegan and gluten-free diet with recipes on her site, Embrace True Health that suit gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, sugar-free, and vegan needs.

@glutenfreegirl – A celebrated blogger and author, Shauna James Ahern shares recipes and beautiful photos on Twitter from her popular site, Gluten Free Girl.

@emilylevenson – An IIN grad and Health Coach who incorporates beautiful photos into her blog{Custom Made} Life and tweets about healthy recipes that accommodate many food intolerances.

@cleangreenblog – Tweets from the blogger behind Clean Green Simple, who follows general food rules such as no dairy, no meat or eggs, no white flour, no refined sugar, minimal gluten, minimal processed food, and gluten-free and raw diets.

Healthy Balance

@NicoleCulver – An IIN grad, Health Coach, baker and cook who mostly follows a plant-based diet. Nicole tweets recipes from her blog Making Good Choices, in addition to serving up healthy treats at her online bakery, Pure Bliss Eats.

@BMooreHealthy - An IIN grad and Health Coach who leads workshops and grocery tours. She helps busy mothers find time to eat real, organic food on her blog BMoore Healthy.

@KathEats – A registered dietician who shares a large variety of recipes from her website Kath Eats Real Food, which includes a loving tribute to oatmeal!

@EatingBirdFood – An IIN grad and Health Coach who frequently tweets links to her favorite healthy recipes and nutrition tips from her awesome blog, Eating Bird Food.

@PinchMySalt – A California blogger shares a ton of recipes for every course from her popular blog, Pinch My Salt, that incorporate fresh produce and ingredients.

@terrywalters – An IIN grad whose successful books Clean Food and Clean Start encourage others to eat sustainable, healthy meals. Terry tweets her delicious recipes and interacts with her followers.

@LaurelMoll – an IIN grad who shares all sorts of healthy recipes and reviews NYC eats on her blog,Laurel on Health Food, which includes a fun “Focus on Food Page.”

@Tastefor Healthy – A current IIN student who tweets many healthy recipes from her blog, Taste for healthy, with an emphasis on vegetarian dishes and whole grains. 

@KatsKeepnFaith – Another current IIN student who shares her personal journey to health on her blog, Keep’n The Faith, in addition to healthy recipes.

@fitflexitarian – A recent IIN grad whose blog, The Fit Flexitarian, focuses on weight loss tips with a personal perspective on nutrition and finding daily balance through eating well.

@JaneAnnThompson – An IIN grad, Health Coach, speaker, and author who has many resources on her website including a blog where she shares recipes and a “Foodie Friday” feature.

@PBFingers – The popular blogger behind Peanut Butter Fingers, who updates often about healthy food, fitness and daily life.

@stacyblue – An IIN grad and Health Coach who shares healthy recipes, mostly vegetarian, sprinkled with some vegan and seafood items. Stacy creates homemade staples that are preservative and chemical-free. 

@PlentyofThyme – A current IIN student who writes about preventative food with a focus on cancer through eating whole foods. Jess tweets her recipes, as well as health topics like GMOS and alternative remedies from her site, Plenty of Thyme.

More Resources

@WholeFoods – Not a personal account, but hands-down one of the best organic recipe collections out there, straight from the Whole Foods website.

@LeGourmetTV – Tweets from Le Gourmet TV, where a new video is posted about food or wine daily, usually containing a healthy recipe.

@healthyeats – Recipes, suggestions, and menu tips tweeted from the Food Network’s healthy eating blog, Healthy Eats, which often retweets tasty recipes from the Food Network stars. 

@vegtimes – Tweets from the Vegetarian Times, a magazine where the vegetarian recipe collection is sorted by category, meal type, season, occasion, and even cooking appliance type.