Less than two weeks ago, I RAN the 10 mile Broad Street Run.  Me, 10 miles.  After only being able to walk/run a max of 3.5 miles before that race (this year anyway), after barely training, and after injuring my ankle only a few days before- I ran the whole thing.  Astonishing.

The week before, when I was considering if I was still going to do it, I realized that I could definitely finish before the 2:30 cutoff even if that meant walking the whole thing.  I thought about writing my business web address on the back of my shirt so that everyone passing me would be inspired to come visit and I'd get loads of new clients.  Free exposure for over 20K people, right?  So I thought, what the hell?  I was going with a bunch of friends, ready to meet new ones, and up for a challenge.  Win-win.

holistic mba.jpg

Fast forward a few days, when I was away at the Holistic MBA Live conference, surrounded by 500 of my amazing colleagues: I was inspired, I was captivated, and I was blown away at what I was able to bring to myself over the course of that 4 days.  I wanted a juicer, I won a juicer.  I wanted to form a mastermind group with some rockstar coaches, our first meeting is in two weeks.  I wanted to speak in front of the whole group, and I was chosen to do a stretch break after being told the week before that everyone was selected.  A well known NLP coach, chosen to train head coaches across the country, went to lunch with me, and then bought it.  Even though I had just met him, and just had the fun thought, I would love for him to buy me lunch and do some impromptu free coaching.  And so it was. 

Needless to say, I was excited after all that.  I was playing with universal law, and having a great time.  And driving home Saturday night before the race, I thought about what had happened to and for me at the conference, and realized, that I had brought everything I wanted that week to me.  How you wonder?

I was clear about what I wanted.

I was open to receive it.

I believed it would come to me.

I asked for it.

I took steps to make it so.

So that Saturday night, I set an intention for Sunday morning's run.  I intended to complete the race on my own two feet, without injury, without pain, and with a whole lot of heart and love.  I didn't know how that would happen, because it hurt to walk after my injury three days before, but I was open and receptive to it happening.  A little part of me thought I was a crazy...but hey, I like to live on the edge ;).  Most importantly, I intended to show up and have a great time.  

Sunday morning came around, a beautiful slightly cool, hazy morning.  Perfect running weather.  I got in the car with a bunch of friends: new that morning, and old.  I borrowed a pair of compression sleeves for my legs, and one of the guys taped my ankle.  I put on my race number, and swished my pink sparkly skirt.  I stood at the start line, smiled big, restated my intentions, and waited for the pack to start moving (40K people!).  

Less than two hours later, I crossed the finish line.  Not only did I finish, but I ran the whole thing.  I walked only to drink water and gatorade at the water stops.  At about mile three, i knew I could run to mile 4.  The same at 5, and I didnt even see 6, so 7 was heaven.  Around 8, I was thinking about walking, and the song that I heard over and over at the conference came on: Just Say Yes! by Snow Patrol-my stretch break song-and it motivated me to keep going.

I had my ipod on random shuffle and song after song that came on perfectly, divinely, inspired me to keep going.   And the funniest thing, no pain in my ankle or shin at all.  The pain I normally have in my hip when I run, not there.  The only thing that hurt was my second toe on my right foot, because I forgot to take my toe rings off-oops!  I laughed the entire time, basking in the energy surrounding me-all those amazing people-and I cried a little out of gratitude, and the wonder that I could co-create something with the divine universe that I couldn't imagine I would ever be able to do, until I could, and with that, I did.  

What do you want in your life?  You can have anything you want....it takes a little practice, some effort, and a lot of belief.  Are you ready to have it?  Are you ready to ask and receive?

 If so, take the first step, and join me for a F.REE teleclass (I'll be on the phone, in my pajamas, wine in hand) on May 31st, where we'll walk through the steps you need to take to have ANYTHING that you want. You can register for it here.  Call in details will be emailed to you once you register.  

Here's to realizing our wildest dreams, 

Kelly Scotti, the Radiant YOU! Coach

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