I'm taking a break from packing to take a nice deep breath, while trying not to fall asleep as I type.  I’m freshly off a red-eye from Portland where for the past week I have been part of the World Domination Summit .  I am transformed, inspired, and mentally and physically exhausted.

In the past week, I have:

  1. Road a mechanical bull (poorly) at the Oregon Zoo (Chris rented out the whole place!)
  2. Got gifted a first class seat back home
  3. Met my online crushes in person: Molly Mahar, Pam Slim, Danielle LaPorte, Hannah Marcotti, Samantha Peck, just to name a few, and connected with others who I am totally crushing on now
  4. Bought a $5 bucket of Voodoo Donuts (26 donuts in all, regular price $1.75 each)
  5. Broke a world record floating on the Williamette River with 620 new friends

  6. Won the most creative photo at the Summit with my partner in crime and roommate, Rita Chand, after talking 13 complete strangers not affiliated with the conference to lie on the ground to form the letters WDS in Pioneer Square.    Thanks to Jia Jiang for reminding me about the power of asking, and how rejection can be good for the soul.

  7. Got 12 WDS people to do the same as above prior to Pam Slim’s Art of Taking Action Workshop (though I haven’t seen that photo yet)
  8. Connected on a level so deep with people I just met without saying a word (Authentic Relating Games with Mike Hrostoski and 40 other brave souls)
  9. Smiled non-stop
  10. Danced for five hours straight (yay, I can still hang!)
  11. Connected with an old nutrition school buddy I haven’t seen in five years (love you, Tracey!) 
  12. Signed up to do it all again next year, despite not knowing where the money will come from to support my trip
  13. Came up with the title for my road trip with my boys, The Joy Ride.  
    We’re leaving tomorrow (OMG! Talk about packing it all in) for a month.  Along the way, we will be :

    a.     Embracing Uncertainty                                           
    No reservations, no set plans, no idea what’s going to happen, where we’ll go, where or with whom we will stay, or how we’ll afford it

    b.    Spreading Joy
    Picking joyful ideas out of a hat to do at each stop…such as free yoga in the park, free hug day, random awards, the joybot, and asking random groups of people to spell out the word JOY with their bodies in locations across the country (hey, it worked in Portland, right?).  While I had a few ideas for this already, I got jacked up seeing what all the WDS folks did in Portland, and I'm so inspired.

    c.     Building Connection and Community
    Asking my social media followers and the WDS community for ideas about where to visit next, other joyful ideas, and for volunteers to host us, in addition to creating meetups for likeminded people and their families (maybe Ill even set up a 5 cents coaching booth Lucy style)!      

    For a highly senstive person with money worries and control issues, I'm making sure I leave no stone unturned on this trip! All to connect on a deeper level with my sons, and experience our national community on a whole different level.

    After I catch up on a little sleep and figure out how to post on the road, I’ll be breaking down my summit lessons learned and sharing more details about the conference, since my head is still spinning. 

    Catch you from Niagara Falls…that’s our first stop, I think…we’re headed that way tomorrow morning…

    If you want to follow the journey, Ill be posting here on the blog, and you can follow me on Instagram at RadiantYouCoach, or on Facebook.  

    And feel free to share your ideas for where we might go, what we might do there to spread some joy, and whom you know that could host us!


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