Let’s face it. We are our own worst enemies. We love to hate ourselves and compare ourselves to other people. How many times have you wished you were better off like so-and-so or wished you had the same opportunities as such-and-such? How many times have you put yourself down and said that you aren’t good enough.

The key to happiness is to stop putting yourself down and stop comparing yourself, your problems, your goals, your lifestyle to the agendas and lives of others. Once you realize that you are not in control of anyone else’s lives but your own, accomplishing your goals and enjoying life will be much easier.

Comparing yourself to other people is horrible for your self-confidence. Naturally, having confidence in yourself is the only way to get what you really want in life. If you keep believing that someone else is more successful, more fit, more confident, more blessed with fantastic abilities and looks, then of course you’re going to make yourself feel lower than dirt.

But… If you allow yourself to set aside your self conscious worries, accept the body you were born with, accept the special quirks that make you YOU, and take those unique traits to your advantage, your self consciousness will slowly turn into the confidence that you once envied in others.

You are not like him or her, you are not your friends or your family members, your coworkers, or peers. You are one of a kind. The way that you think may be completely different from somebody else, and that’s a good thing. Why would you want to think, and feel, and look, and act like everybody else? Why would you crave to be common? Instead of strive to be sensationally original?

The best part about owning who you are, creating yourself, and learning how to build self confidence: You get to show off how stupendous you are without caring about what other people think, and actually allow people to want to be like you! We all know it’s true… Confidence is attractive. Once you are comfortable with yourself and confident in all that you are, you will look and most importantly feel more attractive.