Self Care is so important for your health, and subsequently for the health of your family as well. You've definitely heard the analogy about putting on your oxygen mask first, right? How can you take care of anyone else when you don't even have the energy or resources to take care of yourself? You can't. Self Care can recharge your batteries, lift your spirit, and keep you moving when you feel like you can't take another step...if you make it and YOU a priority.

But how do we add another thing into our day when they are already packed full? Make it non-negotiable. Make it easy. Make it meaningful. And make it fun.

Try these nourishing self/soul care ideas on for size:

1) Do a random act of kindness: Smile at someone (especially someone you don't know). Put a quarter into a parking meter that is about to expire. Tell someone you love them without wanting anything in return. Treating other's to your light is a great way to nourish your spirit and recharge your soul while making others feel great. And it only takes a second.

2) Close your eyes and breathe deeply for at least one minute. Focus only on your inhale and your exhale. If your mind drifts, bring it back to the breath. Inhale, exhale.

3) Leave yourself a voicemail listing at least 3 things that you love and admire about yourself. Speak in third person, such as Kelly I love you because... Listen it to whenever you need a reminder of your amazing self.

4) Make yourself a to do list that can actually SAVE you time in your day, while also treating you to a glimpse of universal law...

A) Take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle of the page.
B) On the right side of the page, write down everything you need to do (be as specific as possible)
C) Once that is done, take two things from the list on the right side, and place them on the left.
D) On the top of the page on the left, write TO DO, and on top on the right, write UNIVERSE.

Know that you can let the things on the right go, and that they will still get done. Someone that you needed to call will call you instead. That meeting you were stressing about will canceled.

By asking the universe for support, you will receive.  Think of the universe as your own personal assistant- you ask, you believe, you move forward, you receive.  Yes, this might be a little hokey for some of you, but why not give it a try?  If it works, you have more time for yourself, and a whole new world view.   That's pretty cool, right?

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