Hello, Spring! Bye-bye, Winter flab. At least, that’s what we all like to think once it starts to get into the warmer seasons. But it’s never that easy, is it? What with all the exciting warm weather events, seasonal allergies kicking you in the butt, letting the sun lull you into lazy cat naps, losing weight is no easy task. Not to mention, everyone’s trying to do it… in a rush!

We’re all guilty of trying to burn off our extra body fat in such a short period of time, especially when swimsuit season is just around the corner. It becomes a stressful challenge, which often starts off as an exhilarating, fast-paced short term goal, in which many times tends to burn out into a discouraging failure. The reason this happens is because people keep stressing about short-term “beach body” goals, instead of “fit-for-life” goals. Sure, it’s possible for a person to safely lose 20 pounds in two months. It’s even possible to lose one whole pound one day a week. However, the fact remains, it’s NOT easy.

The rules of weight loss are generally consistent. A few of those rules are to plan ahead, design an exercise routine and diet that fits your body and lifestyle, and to know your limits. Our bodies are extraordinary machines. But we are not computers. We can plan to execute a certain schedule per day, but it is not guaranteed that our goals are always feasible. The main idea that humans need to take into account is that our bodies have limits, which is why we need to LISTEN to them. If you feel tired, take a break (or a nap!). If you feel like you’re dying, maybe you should lighten your workload. If you feel sluggish, eat some greens. If your tummy is rumbling up a storm, don’t ignore it and starve. Eat!

Make realistic, healthy goals that don’t overstress your body. If you overstress your body, you overstress your mind. If you ask me, that’s just counterproductive during this sunny season. This is the time for rebirth, change, and improvement. Energy is everything. If you’re eating and exercising in a positive way, saying to yourself “Hey, this is going great and I know I can commit to this.” instead of saying “I hate this. I don’t see results and I won’t lose weight in time for vacation.” then you’ve got it all figured out. But if you’re still beating yourself up for not losing weight fast enough, you need to reevaluate your goals and build a hopeful outlook on your journey. Remember, slow progress is still progress.

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