(This post is part of a 100 Blogger blog tour for the book The Declaration of You! by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift Learn more — and join us! — by clicking here.)  This weeks theme is:

What makes you want to scream from the rooftops?  What makes you giddy and gleeful?  

For me, I can think of so many things.  Chocolate ice cream with oreos.  Kisses from my love.  Hugs from my cuddle bunnies.  Teaching yoga.  Seeing a pretty flower.  Reading a juicy book.  A hot bath with bubbles.  And on and on.   I am most enthusiastic about being in alignment with nature, my body, and my spirit.  From there, every thing flows.  

For many people I ask these questions to, the answer is a big resounding, I don't know.  I'm not sure.  Or even worse, nothing I can think of.  Are we so bogged down by stress, overwhelm and a packed calendar that we no longer know what we love, what lights us up?  Or are we so encumbered by taking care of other people, that we don't stop to take care of ourselves?

No matter what the issue, if you have trouble coming up with your BIG LIKES, aka your interests and passions, the following questions might help you get clear and on the path to living a more enthusiastic life.   Please know that big likes are things you really enjoy just because, no reason (or shoulds) required. 

1) Think about something you loved when you were a child (a toy, an activity, etc).  What did you love about it?  How did it make you feel?  Why did it make you feel that way?

2) Thinking about your life right now, what makes you feel that same way?  

From here, start to formulate your list of big likes, and then you can work on declaring it enthusiastically:

 “I declare that doing things that make me feel ________________makes me tick!”

Would love for you to share your declaration in the comments, and perhaps the answers to these questions as well:

  • What's held you back from discovering your enthusiasm?
  • What things are you enthusiastic about, but feel are "silly" or "wrong" for an adult to be excited by?