THE JOY RIDE is a series that will be running from July 10-Aug 11, 2013.  I'm headed out on the road trip of a lifetime with my two sons, the goal of which is to push all my buttons at once (embracing uncertainty), while spreading joy and creating connection with them and my global community.  Follow the adventure here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Reintegration is hard.  

Having a to do list bigger than three things (find food, shelter, and cheap fun) is hard.

Getting the boys to listen to me now that we are at home is hard. 

Finding work I love, that will pay me what I want without all that much effort, is hard (especially when all I’ve been doing is laundry, chasing/cleaning up after boys/ and watching Netflix (to get my first month free trials worth, of course)). 

Avoiding all of the above is easy.

Which is why it’s been a week since I’ve been back that I started to write (original: right) this.  Both apply.

While our adventures surely felt real when we were traveling, now, not so much.  It seems like a dream.  Like something I imagined.  Maybe even something a friend told me she did.  How was that person, the one that allowed herself to be fired in order to keep a promise to her kids and explore her nation, the same as the one that sits here overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, staring out the window wishing someone else would do it?  That girl, the brazen one, who threw caution out the window, and left home without a plan, a job, and two feisty boys.  I guess she is just a part of me that comes out when I’m not at home? 

Turns out, I have to find a way to integrate my vacation life into home life.  Find a way to share the same joy daily, with my self, my kids, my community, and with you.  To trust, look fear in the face, and go forward with uncertainty and excitement about what my next steps look like.  And do it in a way that is sustainable, fulfilling, and keeps me open to all opportunities and miracles.

And do it on a big ole budget.  Of course, I need to figure out what that budget is first.  Another for the to do list.  

But first, lunch for me and the kiddies. 

Stay tuned for datails about Days 23-34...yep, a little bit longer than we thought.  It was so worth it.

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