The Unfolding


The Unfolding


Do the work.  I know in order to be the best coach I can be, I have to do the work.   I travel to do it.  I do it on retreat, or in camp, or at conventions.  Then I come home, and it’s so hard to do the work alone.  So hard to carve time out for self-growth and deep connection when I’m worried about getting the kids to school, making breakfast, the laundry, the dog, fitting in a workout.  It seems never ending.  And then the next day, same. 

But I have learned that doing the work is a practice.  A practice that one needs to keep coming back to.  One that you need to show up for. 

Come back to the breath.  Come back to the work. 

Come back to heart over head.  Feel deeply, define and dive deep into limiting beliefs, reframe that inner voice that critiques everything.  Stay Open to it all.  Allow it in.

Over and over again. 

For so many of us women called to do the work, we do it in isolation.  Feeling lonely and disconnected.  We are seeking something, maybe something we cannot define, but we feel it missing from our lives.  We long for sisterhood, for community, for connection. 

So what if it became: Come back to the breath, in community.  Come back to the work, with the guidance, sharing, and support of other women doing the work.    

When women on the path come together, magic happens.

You may have:

A desire to be seen by others, by soul sisters that you have not yet met, women who feel called to come together and explore their deepest selves. 

A desire to be part of a community of women guided to support one another as we journey through our daily lives, tribulations and heartache all.  Women willing to face their fears in order to work toward their highest calling.

A desire to feel enough: good enough, lovely enough, healthy enough, smart enough, loved enough, and to have reminders of that through the lens of heartfelt feedback.

A desire to laugh and share and play, without judgment or worry or guilt.  To be in concert with women finding that childlike grace once again.

A desire to cry and be heard and feel safe, to release through cathartic expression, to hear your words echoed in the mouths of others.

A desire to create and vision a new beginning, an unfolding.

So you can do the work.  So you can feel comforted, supported, heard.  So you can heal.  

I have been supported in circles of women who have listened and held my hand and my heart through my pain and my growth.  And now I choose to serve by holding space and calling forth a new group of women who seek their truth, their becoming, their Unfolding.

The Unfolding, a gathering of support and love for women ready to be seen and held in their truth.  A half day intensive, part mastermind, part deep dive.

We will gather. We will do the work. We will hold each other’s words and fears and prayers, and be held. 

You will leave with a new understanding of yourself, and a deep sense of support and connection.

Join Us.

Date/Time: Previous: October 14, 2017, 1-5pm EST. Next Date To Be Announced.  Contact me to run this at your location.

Investment: $75 per person

Location: Doylestown, Pa 18901.  Exact location to be shared upon registration.

Limited to 5 women, preregistration required.

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Wise Body Discovery Session

Wise Body



Wise Body Discovery Session

Wise Body



Wise Body Discovery Session

What if you could see your biggest health concern as an opportunity for change and renewal, as a wake up call to start treating your body better? 

What if you had someone to give you the roadmap and support to do that? 

That’s why I’m here.

For a long time, I let my fear run my life.  Fear of not being enough, of being ugly, or unlovable.  Fear of not knowing where I was going, my path.  

I was waiting.  Waiting to lose the weight that creeps up on me whenever I'm not vigilant.  Waiting for the next sign that would direct me to the perfect exercise plan for me.   Waiting for a death sentence to give me a wake up call to do something about my health.  

Its a daily struggle to overcome the fear and to push past the waiting.  And its hard work.  And I'm my own worst critic and a never-ending work in progress.  But I have a plan, I have breath, and I have support to get my through the tough times.  

I want to support you too.  Together we will experiment to find the best path for you.  The most comfortable, the one you'll feel the most at ease on while doing the tough work.  You'll feel safe and protected with the structure we put in place, and at the same time deeply uncomfortable, because that's where real change occurs.   

This session will help you get in touch with your body’s innate wisdom and allow you to create a workable plan to address your biggest health concern.

Who is This For?  

This session is for people who know they can change their health by paying attention to their bodies and nurturing them, AND they just need to know where to start, get a kick in the pants, and have some support in starting.   PLEASE NOTE, this is not a program for someone that wants ongoing support (see Work With Me if thats what you need).

Whats my investment?


This session will take place over the phone and last approximately 35 minutes.   Within 24 hours of the conclusion of the session, you will receive notes from our session, as well as the specific list of recommendations and next steps we discussed during the session.  

After payment is received, you will receive an email with details on how to schedule your session.  If you would like to purchase now, use the drop down box below.

Wise Body


The Magic 3 Days


The Magic 3 Days

The Magic 3 Days


The Magic 3 Days

If you want to be happy, be.  Great advice.  Something I share with all of my clients.  If you want to be happy, its a choice.  Until sometimes its not.

Sometimes you are not able to choose to be happy because your brain is suffering an inbalance in the chemicals that allow us to feel good, to feel sane, to feel.

Take me for example.  A happy go lucky coach and yoga teacher with a family I adore, a calling to serve, a house I love, supportive friends, and blessings galore. Despite this, I continually struggle with depression.  In fact, two years ago, I suffered a major depressive episode.  I couldn't get out of bed.  I didn't want to talk to anyone.

I was struggling to find a reason to stay in this body. I was overwhelmed at the thoughts bombarding me: I'm not good enough, not strong enough, have no reason for being here, my kids/husband would be better off if I wasn't around.

Deep inside, I knew I needed help.  

My friend Annemarie, a fellow coach, was my guardian angel.  She offered me a session with her over Skype, during which time she assessed my need for certain neurotransmitters in the body (those chemicals I mentioned above), and was able to provide me with a plan to provide my body with the building blocks for those neurotransmitters in a way that almost immediately I felt different. She was able to pinpoint my exact deficiencies using a highly objective assessment tool and testing the supplements on me as she watched their effect.

24 hours later, I was a new woman.  

3 days later, I looked back on myself the week before and could not believe I was ever that low, because of how good I felt.  THE MAGIC 3 DAYS.

I felt grounded.  I felt connected to myself.  I was able to feel joy and enthusiasm.  My stress level was low.  My cravings for sugar and artificial sweeteners were gone.  I was able to look in the mirror and feel love for my body.  I no longer needed to lay in bed all day, and had resumed all exercise.  

It felt like a miracle.  

Now, you might not ever feel the way I mentioned above.  

  • But you might feel stressed to the point of breakdown.  
  • Or be plagued by cravings for foods (and not even those body cravings, but the stronger mind cravings that never shut the hell up!  Just one more...).  
  • Or cravings for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal substances.  
  • AND you have tried everything to reduce your stress.  
  • Or lose those 20 pounds.  
  • Or stop drinking/drugging
  • Or get off your anti-depressants, which aren't really working, but help a little.

Soon after I started feeling better, I learned everything I could about this technique.  I reviewed all my neuroscience books from grad school, scoured my nutrition books, and studied the exact technique that my friend Annemarie used with me, that was pioneered by Julia Ross. And I am piloting a program to bring this technique to you.

If your brain is neurotransmitter deficient, I can help you reduce your stress, stop insane cravings for food and alcohol, and release anxiety and depression.

With supplements available over the counter, with no side effects, that don't require a life sentence (as most anti-depressants do).

How Does It Work?

After purchasing the program, you will be sent the assessment form via email for completion.  

If you are local to Doylestown, Pa, you will meet with Kelly personally to complete the full assessment and test the recommended supplements.  

If you are located anywhere else in the world, you will be sent the information about supplements to purchase after returning your completed assessment form via email.  You will then meet with Kelly via skype or google hangout.

Please note that the paper assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and then you will meet with Kelly for 1-2 hours on Skype or in person depending on your sensitivity to the supplementation.

You will receive your recommendations/instructions within 1 business day of the live assessment. Three-five days after you begin the program, we will talk via phone to fine tune and review any questions.  

ou also have the option to sign up for ongoing coaching, though it is not required for this program. 

Your investment for this program: 

$295, which includes the initial assessment, review of supplementation, recommendations and 3 day followup.

Optional 1/2 hour followup sessions are only $75

Once payment is made, you wil be contacted by email within 24 hours with the assessment and to schedule your live session. Please ensure you add kelly@flyingdragonwellness.com to your email address book to ensure you receive the email.  We will contact you only regarding your sessions.

The Magic 3 Days






Kelly offers weekly yoga classes** on Monday evenings at 6:30pm at:

Dragonfly Yoga Studio & Massage Therapy
156 Green St. Doylestown, PA 18901

Or join her for a Private Yoga Class* in the comfort of your home or via Skype.  Childrens' group yoga classes can also be arranged (visit ohmazing kids yoga for more details!).

Private yoga is a great choice if:

  • You are new to yoga and would like to have extra guidance in the fundamentals of the practice
  • You are an experienced student who wishes to work on a particular issue such as alignment, arm balances, inversions, etc
  • You have specific needs, such as injuries, you wish to work on
  • You have a busy schedule and can’t make it to the studio group class
  • You prefer personal attention and want a customized class based on your needs

Benefits of taking private yoga lessons:

  1. Each class will be developed based on your needs. We will discuss them in advance and decide what you would like to work on. Specific postures and sequences will be chosen that address your unique musculo-skeletal imbalances, with an aim toward correcting those imbalances. I can provide you with scripts for each classso you can practice them at home on your own at any time.
  2. I will show you specific modifications and alternatives for postures that are more appropriate for your particular body type, strength & flexibility level. So the next time you are in class, you won’t have to wonder what to do during Garudasana (Eagle) pose.
  3. You will develop a true understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniquesrather than getting lost when the speed of a group class is too much for you. The instruction is more personalized, which ultimately leads to more skillful and efficient progress.
  4. The pace and intensity of the practice can be adapted to your needs and goals(i.e., some like a vigorous and athletic practice, some prefer a mellow practice with an emphasis on stress reduction, some like to stop and start and spend more time on just a handful of postures, etc.)
  5. You will have the opportunity to stop and ask questions, which is traditionally a very important part of learning yoga
  6. You can receive support and guidance around developing a personalized home practice
  7. You can develop a deeper and more meaningful student/teacher relationship

*Sessions run from $75 for a one hour class to $150 depending on location and session length.

**Group Yoga Classes : About Spirit Flow Yoga

Kelly's teaching is in the Saraswati River Yoga style and features personalized assists that skillfully and gently guide a student deeper into their yoga practice. Classes focus primarily on asana (poses), but will give students a chance to experience the interweaving of physical movement with breath, awareness, concentration and meditation.   

A Spirit Flow class starts with a little chanting, a little breathwork, then moves into a flowing asana (pose) practice, starting with Sun Salutations, moving into standing poses to build strength, balancing poses to build focus, then down onto the ground for any one of a number of seated postures, backbends, hip openers, inversions, or twists to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina.  We focus on alignment in the class, as well as moving with the breath.  At the end of our practice, we settle our bodies and our minds with a long juicy savasana.  

Spirit Flow is an all levels class, with clear instruction and cues, and the use of props such as blocks, straps and blankets to allow a more full and comfortable expression of poses; modifications are presented to accommodate injuries, level of flexibility, and experience.  It is a class that will challenge you to look at your practice in a new way, without judgment or comparison, and with joyful celebration of the place you are at right now.

Spirit Flow is a great way to connect to your body, your inner spirit, your classmates, and to the divine all around us.  Its also a wonderful way to ease into the evening hours, relaxed and ready for deep, peaceful sleep.