For me, the world is often overwhelming.  Too loud.  Too smelly.  Too itchy.  Too much information for a girl with a computer and a desire to know and experience everything all at once.  I have to 'show up' daily to find a sweet spot that feels just right, my happy place.    It takes work, breath, ritual, self compassion and self care, sacred adornment, and sometimes peeks at my tattoo every 15 minutes reminding me to 'just love'.

I can help you find and live in your sweet spot, too.     

I'll hold the space for you to be brave, to face your fears and your demons, and to address the underlying reason the things you've wanted all your life haven't yet made their way to you.   

I'll give you prompts to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings through writing and visioning.  

I'll help you upgrade the foods you put into your body, to ensure they nourish and satisfy.

I'll challenge the words your inner critic uses to make you feel less than, and gift you new ones to make you feel whole.

I'll press you into defining your boundaries, so you can feel safe, and get you to clarify and verbalize your desires, so you can bring them forward.

I'll present you with gifts to make you feel cherished, things you didn't know you wanted or needed.

And we'll move together in a way your body loves.

We can do it on the phone or via skype.  Contact me at to tell me about yourself and schedule an intro session.  You can also check out my current offerings.  Or check out if we would be a good fit.  

If know you are ready to schedule a get to know each other session right now, go ahead and click.